The 2-minute pineapple sorbet with rum and mint. Hello Caribbean feeling without ice machine!

Actually, one does what one does when, for three weeks, a pineapple lives in the native fruit bowl, that of "ripe" and "very ripe" meanwhile Almost to threateningly mature has changed? You make a bad ending to his bad Oh-God-I-leave-a-1-a-fruit-rotten-conscience, and puree a sweet-toothed pineapple sorbet in two minutes. With a touch of fresh mint and a hint of rum, the whole even a bit Caribbean-extravagant. A stunningly fruity summer refreshment - with a completely natural taste without any extra sugar, cream, additives or aromas.

Preferably upside down! Who wants? Please read:

Pineapple Sorbet with Rum and Mint | Pineapple Sorbet with Rum and Mint |

Here comes the recipe for the 2-minute pineapple Sorbet with rum and mint (enough for 4 servings):

1 (really) very ripe pineapple cut lengthwise and cut off the stalk. Trigger the pulp and cut into small cubes. Freeze in a freezer or freezer bag in the freezer.

If the pineapple pieces are frozen together, separate them with a hammer or meat tenderizer. Then pinch pineapple with 1 teaspoon chopped mint and 1 tbsp brown rum in the blender, with the blender or in the food processor until no pieces of fruit are visible. with mint leaves to taste and serve immediately.

Tip: When children eat, omit the rum and 1 adult each Drizzle the sorbet before serving. Keep the remains in an airtight container in the freezer and stir before serving.

Pineapple sorbet with rum and mint |  Pineapple Sorbet with Rum and Mint |