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Goood Frikin Chicken

Here at Goood Frikin Chicken, we know what you like: great chicken! All the chicken we serve in our restaurant is of the highest quality available, marinated overnight in herbs and spices and cooked in one of two ways. Our rotisserie chicken is cooked slowly to keep it moist. It has a softer skin and is just bursting with juices. Our open flame chicken is cooked faster to give it a crispy, seared skin. You don't have to pick a favorite; they are both awesome. Enjoy our chicken by itself or as part of a meal with with one of our side dishes – our macaroni cheese is a customer favorite. All meals come with pita bread and a luscious garlic dip.

Though chicken is in our name, that's not all we serve. We have an extensive menu of traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes, all made with our passion for flavor and freshness. If you like shawarma, you'll go crazy over ours: tender chicken or lamb and veggies wrapped in pita or lavash, then grilled until crispy. It is truly a delight.

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Our falafel is freshly made: crunchy on the outside, soft and delectable on the inside. Wrapped in a lavash and topped with our creamy tahini, it makes a tasty and filling vegetarian meal. Vegetarians go nuts for our our Combo Plate, with falafel, babaghanooj, pita, dolmas, and more. For those non-vegetarians, we serve a succulent Angus rib-eye steak, a garlic-studded leg of lamb, and chicken or beef kebab.

We're especially proud of our harder-to-find, authentic Jordanian dishes. Our Musakhan – chicken, pine nuts, sumak and onions, wrapped in pita and grilled – is authentic and a real adventure in taste. Or try our Mansaf, which is made with large cubes of lamb in a creamy yogurt sauce, served with rice topped with pine nuts and almonds.

Come for a visit. You'll love the Mediterranean murals on our walls and the delicious fragrances coming from our kitchen. We promise our chicken isn’t just good, its “goood.” We look forward to seeing you!

Goood Frikin Chicken InfoGoood Frikin Chicken Info