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Goood Frikin Chicken

Here at Goood Frikin Chicken, we know what you like: great chicken! All the chicken we serve in our restaurant is of the highest quality available, marinated overnight in herbs and spices and cooked in one of two ways. Our rotisserie chicken is cooked slowly to keep it moist. It has a softer skin and is just bursting with juices. Our open flame chicken is cooked faster to give it a crispy, seared skin. You don't have to pick a favorite; they are both awesome. Enjoy our chicken by itself or as part of a meal with with one of our side dishes – our macaroni cheese is a customer favorite. All meals come with pita bread and a luscious garlic dip.

Though chicken is in our name, that's not all we serve. We have an extensive menu of traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes, all made with our passion for flavor and freshness. If you like shawarma, you'll go crazy over ours: tender chicken or lamb and veggies wrapped in pita or lavash, then grilled until crispy. It is truly a delight.

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Our falafel is freshly made: crunchy on the outside, soft and delectable on the inside. Wrapped in a lavash and topped with our creamy tahini, it makes a tasty and filling vegetarian meal. Vegetarians go nuts for our our Combo Plate, with falafel, babaghanooj, pita, dolmas, and more. For those non-vegetarians, we serve a succulent Angus rib-eye steak, a garlic-studded leg of lamb, and chicken or beef kebab.

We're especially proud of our harder-to-find, authentic Jordanian dishes. Our Musakhan – chicken, pine nuts, sumak and onions, wrapped in pita and grilled – is authentic and a real adventure in taste. Or try our Mansaf, which is made with large cubes of lamb in a creamy yogurt sauce, served with rice topped with pine nuts and almonds.

Come for a visit. You'll love the Mediterranean murals on our walls and the delicious fragrances coming from our kitchen. We promise our chicken isn’t just good, its “goood.” We look forward to seeing you!



    10 29th Street 

    Hours: MONDAY: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm 

    Hours: TUESDAY: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm 

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    Hours: THURSDAY: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm 

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    Hours: SUNDAY: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm 

    Phone: 415-970-2428 



Abby Kenny R.

Cute little restaurant - The women who helped us was very kind and attentive. Food was great. My Rating Scale: (1:bad 2:ok 3:good)Goood Frikin Chicken 3:good-AThis place was so cool! I loved the name of the restaurant, that's what drew us in. And it had fancy lettering too, so I thought it was gonna be super fancy. Walked in and it was totally not what I expected. The décor was like, Athens or something? Very strange, but in a good way! I thought it was cool. It was well lit and spacious and comfortable. The service was exceptional, and the food was amazing! And it was cheap!! Especially for expensive ass SF. Whenever we come back to SF we will be coming for some GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD FRIKIN CHIKIN!!!My rating:  11 and a half Brapples-K


Tracy T.

Well, the chicken is ok. It's good, but not GOOOD. But alas, I was hungry, and had been meaning to try this place for some time.This place is a fast-food joint on one side, and a restaurant on the other. Make sure to follow directions if you are ordering takeout.I got a grilled chicken plate with pita bread and cucumbers. It was ok and satiated my hunger. Flavor-wise, the chicken was ok but way overcooked and needed salt and some other seasoning (but it smelled good). The cucumber and tomato side with tahini sauce was ok, but again, lacked salt and flavor. I didn't bother to try anything else on the menu, and I don't think I will bother unless I am super hungry and this is the only place open in town. Not a bad place, but nothing super memorable to come back to.


Roxana G.

Best shawarma in the Bay Area. We are regulars and always get the lamb shawarma with fries (perfectly crispy!) and the mosakkan. Both are loaded with meat, and very authentic. I also recommend the labne appetizer. For desert, the rice pudding is a must! As someone who is middle eastern, I am so happy we live close to this place. The food and service are consistently great.My only suggestion to the owners is to consider naming this place something else to showcase the amazing Mediterranean food they serve. We initially didn't try this restaurant because we assumed it was an American fried chicken place.


Pete P.

You could throw a dart at the menu and hit something delicious. Both types of chicken are amazing. The sleeper is the hummus. It's an afterthought at so many places but not here. Garlic sauce is awesome. The closest thing to Zankou Chicken in the Bay Area. The Mosakhan (sp?) is also worth getting. Sit down or take out, you can't go wrong.


Jess T.

Best chicken shawarma and fries in town! I've been eating here for years and it's been consistently tasty and timely. A Bernal staple!


tomohisa w.

Great tasting Chicken shawarma salad. Although possibly more vinegar than some would enjoy. Tasty chicken and amazing pita bread but possibly because I'm doing low carb so almost any bread is good.


Angelina H.

I ordered their salad and falafels. Salad is meh and I wouldn't order it again. But I come back again and again for their falafels. They're tasty and somewhat inexpensive (6 for ). Their pita bread and hummus is also pretty good!A reliable place for a quick meal if you're looking for some good falafel and hummus. In my opinion, it's not really somewhere where you want to come sit down and eat (even though they do have a big dining room). It's more of a grab and go establishment.


John H.

I was disappointed with the food here and I don't plan to return.I ordered the Musakhan meal with a side of Baba Ganoush and a side salad. 1.  I didn't like the Musakhan sandwich, a dish I am not familiar with. It was like a baked burrito with minced Lebanese chicken inside and pine nuts, cut in half.2. The Baba Ganoush texture was strange -- the taste was too creamy like it had been made with a blender, and it lacked the flavors of Baba Ganoush I have enjoyed before.3. The side salad was just some torn up lettuce, some whole cherry tomatoes, and some salad dressing.Please look at some of the pictures fellow Yelpers took of the food who didn't rate the place five stars. I find the pictures were like the food I received.


Justin C.

Fantastic food.  Why isn't this place packed every night?  I first started coming here years ago based on the recommendation of a Palestinian cab driver -- remember taxis? -- and keep coming back.  The labneh and hummus are great as is the chicken


Suzan S.

We used Good Frinkin Chicken for many events.  Last Sunday we used them for a bridal shower.  The owner delivered the food on time and it was cooked to perfection.  The food was some of the best we ever had at a catered event.  The Kabob was cooked to perfection, the rice was fluffy, the salad was fresh and the dips were delicious and we had plenty of food.  Everyone enjoyed it and so many people came up and  asked me who we catered through.   We highly recommend Good Frikin Chicken of San Francisco


Nora N.

I think the food here is... fine. The hummus was great but my gyro was kind without spice.  However, the owners were kind enough to let us dine in so close to closing the restaurant and the fact they have a take out area open much longer is really cool.  Good prices. If you live nearby I'd recommend jumping in here to see if you like the food. You will be treated kindly by the owner and his crew. There's some parking around as well.


Kim D.

Whenever I'm working in this part of San Francisco, I try to stop by for dinner. Their open flame, marinaded chicken is tender and juicy. The portions are generous, which makes their prices very reasonable. If you're extra hungry, try the fried cheese!!!


David B.

No, the name is not "Goood Frikin Sides" but I wished they were a little better.  And like many have mentioned here, this is NOT FRIED CHICKEN.  Can't be too upset because there is no claim to being fried...just frikin' good.  The chicken was purdy frikin' goood actually.  I ordered a whole rotisserie bird which they packaged up next to some seasoned pitas and containers of garlic something or other.  Try the garlic something or other.  Do not breathe on anyone/anything you may care about until the teeth have been brushed and possibly a rinse with mouthwash.  The Mac and Cheese left a bit to be desired.  Very little flavor so that's not being ordered again.  Salad (Greek?) was surprisingly tasty, with some incognito vinagrette dressing.  Greens were great, as were the little tomatoes included.  Fries were decent- thick cut and not overcooked.  Dipped in the garlic goop, they were delicious.  Just wish I'd had more garlic shtuff.  Verdict:  Sides- not so goood.  Chicken?  Goood.  Kinda small though.EDIT- groupon.com/deals/goood-…  Get that.  Use that.


Lams L.

Great chicken.The rotisserie was juicy and cooked just right. Lots for food so bring a doggie bag if you are one of those that want to reduce your environmental impact.


L. Boogie M.

After coming here consistently for FIVE YEARS, I think this might be the last time. The customer service has always been questionable but now that the prices have skyrocketed it's even worse! They don't fully explain what comes in or on top of their menu items and it's your fault if you thought the meat came WITHOUT TOMATO SAUCE ON IT. The owner of this place is a jerk and clearly doesn't have a clue about customer service. Maybe "Goood" means something other than "GOOD."In case you were wondering that "worth" of food looks like. Also, kefta kabob NEVER COMES WITH TOMATO SAUCE ON IT!!!!


R W.

Great for catering.I had to organize a work holiday party that would include about 60 adults and kids, with a wide range of ages and a desire for some healthy alternatives. Good Frikin Chicken was a great choice. We did chicken kebabs, rice, mac n cheese (loved by the kids), grilled veggies, their wonderful seasoned pita and a huge platter of their salad. They delivered everything exactly on time and even did a last-minute addition of more veggies when we realized we didn't have enough. The price was very competitive with a lot of other places I looked at, people raved about the food and it all did well even when it wasn't piping hot as the party progressed. It even looked pretty upscale when we put it on platters. They were a pleasure to work. Highly recommend using them for catering.


Chobap G.

Delicious.  Loud.  Very loud.The lamb salad and vegetarian platter are both amazing.  The pita with garlic sauce is also a favorite, and the fresh-squeezed orange juice is great when you're under-the-weather.I love this place, but it does get quite loud because there are a lot of families with young children, and the dining room has poor acoustics.Come...  with earplugs?


David H.

Very good. Had the falafel with a side of baba ganoish. I would definitely go back, and probably will soon. It was priced reasonably for San Francisco. Would definatley recommend it.


Sari B.

Yum!  Have had some events catered from here and it's delicious and super reasonably priced. Love the crispy falafel, creamy hummus, zatar spiced pita and the chicken kebabs!!  Great neighborhood gem.


Christiana G.

Yummy! We ordered delivery through grub hub.  It came fast and the food was hot. Rotisserie chicken was hot and delicious. The sides were fresh. I would order again.

About Goood Frikin Chicken and reviewsAbout Goood Frikin Chicken and reviews