{Brandnew} GourmetGuerillas Collections on eBay - for Watch, Inspire and Collect - Advertising

{Brandnew} GourmetGuerillas Collections on eBay - for Watch, Inspire and Collect - Advertising The days of loose collections of papers in living rooms and torn out pages from design and lifestyle magazines in handbags could finally be over now - because recently there are the new eBay collections. Every user logged in to eBay can now put together their own collection of articles in digital theme boards: things that you always wanted. Things that you have seen while shopping and definitely do not want to forget. Things for the best friend, the man, the child. Things that are essential in every dream kitchen. Things that you would quite simply by chance find as a birthday present. Or things that every blogger needs. America has succumbed a long way to the collections fever - now it is finally over in Germany.

I have already done it and first lived out my somewhat crude passion for pink * cough * quite carefree. Hold on tight - here comes my collection Be proud of your pink !:

GourmetGuerilla eBay Collections Pink #gourmetguerilla

In the unlikely event that I should eventually have a huge, light-flooded kitchen, I could imagine these things very well there - may I introduce: Minimal Kitchen

GourmetGuerilla eBay Kitchens Minimal Kitchen #gourmetguerilla

Here you can look at all my eBay collections, discover, What I like and what I love most in my mint kitchen. If only I had room. And if you like, you can follow the collections, share them or just open your own collections.

Leave a link below to your collections so we can follow each other and inspire each other - I'm curious!

GourmetGuerilla eBay Collections Overview #gourmetguerilla

Info: This post was created in cooperation with eBay.