Regional honey from the envelope - the StartUp nearBees wants to connect bees and humans.

V iktoria Schmidt is a hobby beekeeper. At some point, so many glasses pile up with the home-grown honey on her shelf, that she has an idea: How would it be if more people around her could come to the delicious honey? Weekly markets and culinary markets only reach a certain part of the neighborhood - but they are sure that many more people are interested in honey produced right on their doorstep.

Regional honey is coming in the envelope directly from the beekeeper

The Internet is the solution: Viktoria realizes with friends the website nearBees, which brings beekeepers and honey lovers together comfortably. People order local honey at fair prices directly from the beekeeper. The honey comes then laid flat in an envelope by mail home. In comparison to a conventional honey jar from the supermarket, the resource and energy consumption is drastically minimized and the CO2 emissions reduced.

By the way, the local honey purchase also helps Preservation of a species-rich neighborhood. Because honey can be imported, the most important benefit of our bees - the pollination of the plants - but not.

Viktoria Schmidt explains her idea: "The marketing of honey is simply too time-consuming and not very rewarding for many amateur beekeepers. Especially the new, young beekeeper generation keeps mostly only from pastime and for their own needs bees. Especially in the city, there is therefore hardly any way to buy honey from beekeepers around the corner - although in the Greater Munich, for example, more than 1000 beekeepers are located. So how can the honey purchase be made contemporary and convenient in order to preserve the traditional and indispensable hobby of beekeeping? "

The nearBeeas Crown Funding: Regional Honey for all!

And the idea should soon bring beekeepers and customers together throughout Germany. A crowdfunding project is currently underway for nearBees to fund the expansion of the website. In addition, the team would like to incorporate more detailed bee profiles, a beekeeper app for straightforward reports directly from the apiary, and regional honey subscriptions there. More Neighborhood Understanding for Bee and Man alike.

The small start-up interview with nearBees

I think the idea of ​​honey on the doorstep was awesome and asked the team a few questions:

first Hello, who are you and what should we really know about you?
We are nearBees and yes, we send honey in the envelope.

second How do you know each other?
Viktoria, Dominik, Kristian and Michael: these are the names of our founders. We got to know each other during our studies and are now supported by a team of freelancers and interns in our daily work.

3.We want to radically simplify the path to local honey - for a transparent heritage and thriving neighborhood!

4. Why do you go for honey?
Honey is the product of bees. Would they produce chocolate, we would probably deal with it. That would be a bit unhealthy with our current honey consumption.

5. Who had the idea?
Viktoria herself is a beekeeper and when her honey jars piled up at home, the search for new distribution channels began. nearBees is the result of this search.

6. Business plan or "is already"?
The "is already" -optimism is always needed, but it is never wrong, if planning is thought out.

seventh Where do your products come from?
This is what the consumer decides: just enter your own address on our platform and explore the bees and their honey in the neighborhood. Pictures and details about honey, beekeepers and bees make the selection easier.

8. How do you ensure replenishment in the long term?
Honey is a pure natural product. When sold out, wait for the next harvest. That's why we want to give the little hobbyists in Germany the opportunity to sell honey to their bees. So you can confidently leave the imported honey in the supermarket shelf and rather support domestic beekeepers.

9. Do you have children and eat the honey?
Yes about 120,000, they live in the hive and love honey.

10. The coolest thing you can do with honey?
The cool thing about honey is that you can do anything with it.

11. How many times have you been stung by a bee?
It's still something special.

12. Three incredible facts about bees:
The bee is a real dinosaur and the third most important livestock in Germany and flies around the world three times for your breakfast. For incredible things about the bees, we also made something extra:

13. What your best buddy should never say to you. Honey.

14. When are you going to Hamburg?
At the moment our crowdfunding campaign is taking place under, so we can bring the honey from Nebenan to the whole of Germany. Beekeeper registrations from Hamburg already exist!

15. You've finally taken over world domination when ...
... the dirtiest parts of the world are clean enough to house healthy bees (and humans).

Thank you for your time and good luck with crowdfunding!