{Mallorca} An unforeseen zoo safari, talking air mattresses, Porto Christo and the restaurant with the best view in the world

V or the heat flickers on the winding country road. The air conditioning in our rental car whirles at the highest level and blows cold air in my face. The incredibly blue sea shimmers through my side window a few hundred meters away. Otherwise, the red, rough earth alternates with white houses, a few goat pastures with olive trees and extremely frugal bushes. It's August and the nuclear family is in Mallorca.

The whole idea was mine. I was 25 years ago with my parents on vacation club on the favorite island of the Germans. At that time I saw a lot of tanned entertainers, good-looking Belgians (sic!) And countless alcohol-free Pina Coladas with daring Schirmchenaufbauten. But not much of the island. Having spent the past two years making elaborate round trips through southern England and Scotland, eating tons of miles, I wanted something different this year. Sun. A house for us. The same bed every night. Small trips. Ocean. The beach. And more sun. And there we are now. 38 degrees in the shade ... impressive if you live in Hamburg otherwise and fall into the category "sun".

We are just on the way to Porto Christo, a small town with a small marina and a bit of tourism the east coast. It is not a long drive and for a hot day, the whole seemed reasonably manageable. The man is rapidly taking a bump and the child is looking forward to a sausage in the backseat over the tingling sensation in the stomach. I turn on the radio.

"No more annoying flights to Germany at last", informs us an advertising voice emphasizes professional. "Colonoscopy and comprehensive organ and system checks on site at Dr. med. Something and Prof. dr. So and so. We speak German, English, Russian and Spanish. "The man and I exchange an irritated look. A new voice speaks to us: "Attractive furniture in a large selection and solid quality for your beautiful home! 250 parking spaces right outside the door. "Then the key changes - we suspect, now it is only:" Protect your valuable property! Marauding gangs threaten you and your possessions! State-of-the-art security technology with years of experience. "The man and I get a laugh flash at the same time. We almost can not get any more. "What's that for a station," the man gasps and wipes his eyes from his eyes. I need a few more breaths to breathe again and also have to wipe some tears. "Island radio", I read from the display. Meanwhile, a female voice informs us about the weather in Berlin in the latest developments in the Bundesliga. "Germans in Mallorca: After the colonoscopy directly in the furniture store and then defend all the stuff with high security technology," notes the man. We have to giggle a bit crazy again. Although we did not have any sangria at the time.

We're off to a great mood on the empty country road. Only every now and then another car comes to meet us. Then, on a very straight piece, we see one of these cyclists pushing his racing machine. Mallorca is full of cyclists - we have already noticed in the last few days. The sun is burning hellish from the sky. The environment is red, hot, lonely and dusty. And there someone is walking on foot in a tight bodice and clearly bent at 38 degrees. We overtake the stranded bad luck trench, look at us and have the same idea. The man brakes sharply and turns the car on the open road. Of course, now all the cars in the region come from the front and back to us.The cyclist is stuck next to our son on the back seat. However, we can not see them because they have to hold our inflated air mattress on their knees. "Where are you from?" I asked backwards. "Norway", answers the air mattress. I want to know "Is this your training?" "Yes," is the monosyllabic answer. Obviously our passenger does not want to talk big, but he is thankful. He assures us that we can let him out in Porto Christo. He would get on the bus. We affirm that we are happy to take him 20 miles farther to Calla Millor. Hey, we are on vacation, nothing is going on and this man is obviously totally exhausted. Halfway we pass a sign with an elephant and a clear inscription. One half of the air mattress gets really upset in the back seat: "A zoo! Mummy! Daaaaa! A zoo! We have to go there! "I'm just so half excited. A zoo. In Spain. I'm not sure we really need it.

As soon as we reach Calla Millor's outskirts, our nameless passenger lets us out of the car and jumps out of the car, thanking us several times and leaving quickly. Apparently he is afraid that he has just spent 20 minutes with Chucky the killer doll in the back seat. Or he suspects that we still want to convert him Christian or teutonisch correctly darmspiegeln him. We wave anyway, turn around and make our way back. Meanwhile, the child complains bitterly about the sweat stains that our passenger has left on the seat and air mattress. I pull out the wet wipes from my bag, wipe everything off and give the child a speech about helpfulness, people in need and boys with sweaty socks. The child grumbles, but then suddenly so enthusiastic about the zoo that we have to keep there promptly.

Zoos are more of a difficult topic for me - can you keep wild animals in enclosures? Are the night breeding programs for endangered animals useful? It is difficult to answer that clearly. But if you have a child, you can not get past the subject zoo. I'm not sure what to expect in this Spanish zoo. But we dare the adventure.

50, - € costs the entrance for two adults and a child in the safari zoo. But you can also leave the sensitive white car with 950, - € deductible * ächem * in the parking lot and cruising pulled by a van safari wagon through the first half of the zoo. Quite cool actually.

The first part of the zoo consists of a very large area, where the animals can move freely over long distances. You can see ostriches, zebras, baboons and antelopes - all species that handle the hot temperatures very well. Two hippos have their own enclosure, which could be bigger in my eyes. Even the rhino stands alone - it would probably be a loner even in the wild.

I'm surprised how much I enjoy the ride in the open car. Suddenly, one of the baboon males swings lightning fast into our cart, takes place right next to my left shoulder and looks me in the eye. Then he peers interested in the bag next to me on the bench. Gulp! The whole thing only takes a fraction of a second and I'm too perplexed to pull the camera.Then our visitor with the red Poschi goes back to his family. Without our bag.

Later, we see two of the big males driving on a car roof through the park, clinging coolly and casually to the rear spoiler. I feel like I can see them smirking over the distance as well.

Eventually, our ticket will arrive at the end of the outdoor area. Here begins the second part of the zoo. Again, everything looks very well maintained. There is a large children's playground, a spacious petting zoo with lively goats and geese, a small bistro (which, by the way, serves very tasty homemade gazpacho) and restrooms.

We also see various species of birds, aligators, snakes, Flamingos and elephants. There are also tigers and a lion in enclosures, which are lovingly designed with waterfalls, play and retreat options and shadow cookies and linked together so that the animals can visit. I would like to have them bigger, but I have also seen similar things in German zoos.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by this little zoo. The safari area with the free-roaming animals is fun and the zoo part with enclosures was well maintained and made a good impression overall. Since the visitors ran over the area, we could all calmly look at each other. For children, the visit is definitely exciting. However, if you expect a spectacular zoo with extraordinary attractions and ultra-modern enclosures, this is not the place to go.

Safari Zoo SL .
Carretera Porto Cristo a Son Servera, Km 5,
07680 Porto Cristo, Islas Baleares

And at some point we will come to Porto Christo. After piloting the man via Google Maps to a perfect and shady parking lot, we walk down the steep road to the beach, turn into a small park (where there are 6 garbage bins at 30 meters) and land on the Terrace from a colorfully signposted restaurant. Bingo! The view is breathtaking and it smells delicious. Here we spend a pleasant time and can not get enough of the panorama. It is the most beautiful in the world.The French extended family at the next table has decided on Gambas and various fish dishes - everything smells delicious and looks fantastic. Actually, I could stay here all day. And eat. And drink sangria.

Restaurant Flamingo
C/.Burdl, s/n
07680 Porto Cristo
Open every day from 10:00 h - 24:00 h

At some point we get up again, walk along the beach promenade, eat ice cream and buy touristy souvenirs in the many small shops befitting. When it gets dark, we get the car and drive back home "happy" - in our little fisherman's cottage in Portocolom. But it should be told another time.