Sublimotion: The most expensive restaurant in the world.

D he is a very progressive celebrity chef Paco Roncero will soon be opening Ibiza's most expensive restaurant in the world. The concept of the Sublimotion will combine the most sophisticated star cuisine with completely new media experiences: Tables and walls of the restaurant are screens and projection surfaces, which create new and surprising decorations and moods around the guest , Even on the plates influenced by the molecular gastronomy, a lot more will happen with light and color. A maximum of 12 guests can enjoy this experience, including live cooking per "performance".

The spectacle is choreographed and precisely controlled from an operations center via various computers and screens.

The incredibly exciting combination of But virtual worlds and cooking also have their price: a 20-course menu should cost around 1,500, - €.

I'll start saving then ...

www.sublimotionibiza .com